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DARK OLIVE - Foldable Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

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This innovative unique designed foldable mat will fit easily into your carry on, your horse bag, your car and even your everyday bag! 

size: 1830 x 610 x 1mm 

Great for Workouts - Pilates - Stretching - and more! The lightweight, insanely absorbent, non-slip, microfiber yoga travel mat that dries in minutes and is made of Eco-Friendly material (Biodegradable tree rubber) and recycled plastic bottles.

  • Designed to be lightweight and insanely absorbent
  • Exclusive non-slip technology
  • Foldable for easy carrying
  • Top-quality, plush, microfiber with extra-strength whipstitching for maximum lifespan 
  • Quickly dries in minutes
  • Non-fade, eco-friendly, water based print and unique HDF design with gold pattern printing.
  • Perfect amount of cushion, stability and responsiveness to reduce injuries and instantly improve your practice


x Dark Olive

x Black 

x White Fabric print 


Care Instructions

1.Do not fold for long periods of time (we suggest if you are not using the mat for 2+ days then it it best to roll up) 

2.Wash alone with detergent (NO BLEACH) on gentle cycle in cold water
3.To speed up drying, wrap mat in a towel and squeeze out excess water
4.Hang to dry. (DO NOT PUT IN DRYER)

DARK OLIVE - Foldable Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

DARK OLIVE - Foldable Eco Friendly Yoga Mat