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The Programs

Ambassador Benefits

You will receive ongoing benefits from the corporate team (for your duration as an ambassador) including and not limited to the following:

> Free ‘Phase 1’ of the Heels Down Fitness app (iOS or Android) Fit to Ride, Challenges and Flex and Active Recovery 1.0

> Ambassador discount promotional code. 

> HDF Ambassador Facebook private group.

> Early Access to news, updates, new programs, merchandise concepts.

> 40% HDF Merchandise Discounts on new in app programs.

> Shoutouts, share and exposure via our social media channels.

So what does being an Ambassador entail you might ask?

HDFambassadors will represent the brand on social media by using the app, wearing and showing off merchandise, posting to social media channels whilst tagging brand in your post and stories.

> You’ve got to love social media!! If you only post 1-2 times a month this is probably not the right fit for you. 

> Must download HDF app 

> Interact with our social media channels: Instagram, Facebook (inc. Ambassador group), Tik Tok.

> Promote HDF with your original content: minimum 2 posts a month, 4 story mentions tag and use #HDFmates #HDFambassador in your content.

> We would love to share your journey; if you want to send us content to use we would LOVE THIS!! We have previously had Ambassadors share their fitness journey results with us without promoting on their own channels, sharing feedback and their photoshoot photos and videos for us to use. 

> Resharing HDF content is encouraged and the more you tag us the more we can share and promote you!