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The Programs


12 week circuit

The 12 weeks is broken into 3 x 24 minute workouts a week;

Upper body, Lower body and full body.

FTR develops the fundamentals of ‘off the horse’ strength and conditioning training using only your own body weight so you can engage and understand each of your body's movements before you sit back in the saddle again.

There are a variety of factors which contribute to performance: Core, Balance, Strength, Flexibility, Injury management and prevention and more.

FTR teaches anyone (Equestrian or not) to move functionally through a great range of movements with kinaesthetic awareness…and the best part you only need your body- No equipment required!


10 Extra challenges to add to your workout

Whether you need an extra burn to challenge yourself, or to set up a challenge with friends and KICK SOME BUTT!

These single challenge workouts focus on specific body sections, with a few full body killer workouts thrown into the mix…oh and did we mention some Pilates challenges!

No equipment needed- use your body weight to challenge your mind and body to a new level. These challenges are designed to work every major muscle group in your body. Our goal is to get you stronger, fitter, and healthier—without getting bored.


Mixture of Stretches and Pilates

Stretching and lengthening muscles after conditioning them is key to a healthy recovery. Mixing Pilates, Yoga and focussed stretching we can get those tight muscles bendy and flexy-er than a piece of cooked pasta.

Your off horse Heels Down Fitness program will keep your body from losing conditioning and give yourself the best chance of reducing the time you lose from niggles and injuries.

Learning to use active recovery and light exercise to recover after physical exertion assists with the removal of lactic acid and soreness from our used muscles. Flexibility and stretching also encourages recovery in readiness for your next workout.