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About Us



Is an equestrian fitness and lifestyle program here to help you get fit- sweat- kick goals- learn life hacks from both the fitness and equestrian world combined-  and of course love life!

HDF is ready to help you along your journey with your four legged friend. Whether you are an equestrian athlete, a beginner rider, a gym junkie or just trying to avoid burpees at the gym, we're here for all ages and all disciplines (including non horsey people) who want to achieve their ideal fitness, live a happier balanced lifestyle and tick some awesome goals along the way. 

We strive to help you achieve your full potential as a rider! To better understand your muscles out of the saddle for a better connection with your horse when you are back in the saddle. 

With flexible programs so you can choose whether you want to work out at home or in the gym! the programs also grow with you, so you’ll always be progressing and there is no equipment necessary- lets keep things simple shall we ;)

With more riders joining every day, the HDF Community is an amazing source of extra support and encouragement throughout your journey, we share life hacks, support for riding and for fitness and discuss some of the cool topics on the podcast. Join us and make your riding, health and fitness goals a reality.